Crafting a user-focused website & content for Adding Value

Adding Value

A user-focused website for a purposeful finance firm

Case Study Overview

Website & Content

Brand ID & Tone of Voice


  • Web development
  • UX
  • Web content

Their Impact

  • Transformative accounting for ethical SMEs and third sector organisations
  • A Living Wage employer
  • Part of the Good Business Charter
  • Creating clarity on complex financial services for non-experts
  • A thriving network of values-led businesses

Meet The Client

“Values-led finance” — that’s how Adding Value describes themselves in a nutshell. And it’s a pretty apt description, both of the way the company does business and the clients it looks after. The company was founded by Managing Director, Matthew after he realised charities and social enterprises were crying out for a financial services partner that really understood their specific needs. Adding Value now works with organisations dedicated to making the world a better place. And its team of multi-skilled accountants? They’re busy making the financial sector a friendlier, more accessible place too.

The Challenge At Hand

Like many start-ups, Adding Value had set up their own website using a popular website builder. But as the company expanded, and its reputation grew, the site no longer met its needs.

Adding Value approached Matchstick Creative with a clear challenge: they needed a website that would attract new customers, showcase their brand, and communicate the value the company offers to its clients.

In partnership with Adding Value, we decided the new website should achieve the following:

  • Introduce the new Adding Value brand
  • Establish a trustworthy and approachable tone of voice
  • Accurately position the company’s services and values
  • Attract more purpose-driven customers
  • Raise Adding Value’s brand profile
  • Tell the company’s brand story
  • Make the website more search-friendly

User experience

Before kickstarting the website build, we designed the user experience. First up was a Discovery Workshop. This was a great opportunity to explore Adding Value’s brand — what was driving it forward, and what was holding it back. We identified key target audiences and sketched out an example marketing strategy, showing Adding Value how they could increase online conversions. 

The information gathered during the workshop was critical to the design of the website. We planned the architecture from the ground up, designing a new sitemap and custom page templates so visitors would have the stress-free, purposeful and helpful experience they’d expect from Adding Value.

Website design and build

Adding Value needed a completely new website, with a modern, engaging look and feel, stronger calls to action, and better brand visibility. 

The wireframing stage gave us the opportunity to test the site’s functionality and make sure it delivered what visitors would need. We were able to explore how they’d navigate the site, and determine how we’d apply the new visual brand identity to the site’s ‘skeleton’.

Once we’d got the new branding in place, we presented Adding Value with a clickable prototype. They were able to see their brand brought to life, ask questions, and suggest edits before the website build began. 

We used our in-house web design platform to create the final website — a building blocks-based site with a beautiful, user-friendly front-end and seamless back-end experience. Adding Value’s content managers will be able to create pages quickly and easily in future, without compromising the visual impact of the site, or its visual appeal.


Adding Value needed content that would:

The existing website was populated with content that was informative but short on purpose. We started from scratch, identifying the content needed for the new site by putting the user first. That’s why visitors will now find things like “Planning your financial success” and “Finding you money” instead of the traditional financial services they might expect. 

The new site also features more persuasive language, and frequent calls to action, both of which help visitors to take the next step — getting in touch.

The website content and messaging was an exciting opportunity to showcase Adding Value’s new tone of voice and brand personality. We nudged the content away from the dry, corporate tone typical of the financial services sector, opting instead for a positive, approachable and compassionate feel — particularly in key messaging and calls to action.

We introduced nods to the things that matter to Adding Value and their clients, including preferred pronouns fields in their contact form, and a section for client stories.

Finally, we made sure the site would be easier for ideal customers to find online — keyword research and optimised meta content have given the website a solid SEO foundation to build on.


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