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Helping an inclusive consultancy for the arts to showcase their incredible online diversity courses


  • User experience app audit

Their Impact

  • Increasing equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Increasing EDI awareness amongst employers and employees

Meet The Client

Amiokaa is an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion consultancy for arts and creative industries, founded and run by Rachel Gnagniko, an expert in the field and friend of Matchstick Creative.

The Challenge At Hand

Auditing Amiokaa’s latest offer, an online training course focusing on teaching inclusivity. Although the information the course offered was excellent, it was felt that there was work to be done on improving the overall usability and user experience. Therefore, our goal was to first identify challenges and then offer suggestions for improvement.

Our Response

In order to gain a greater understanding of the challenges facing Amiokaa’s course and potential opportunities for improvement, we completed a competitor analysis, user story exercises, pains and gains exercises and customer journey maps.

Competitor Analysis – By analysing an aspirational competitor offering a similar ethical training course, we were able to investigate how they made their course usable and what their overall user experience was like. This informed our feedback and suggestions for development of the Amiokaa course.

User Story exercises – By completing these exercises, we were able to visualise who the most likely course users would be, what they were likely to want from the course and what potential challenges they may face.

Pain and gain exercises – These exercises help us to clearly define the following:

User journey mapping – A customer journey map was used in order to help us to gain a more empathetic understanding of the overall experience each user group would have, when interacting with the Amiokaa Course and what pain points they may experience. By using this method, we were able to make better informed, human-centred, design suggestions for Amiokaa to move forward with.

The Outcome

We were able to provide Amiokaa with a detailed document of what pain points exist in the course and how they might go about improving them. Using this document, Amiokaa is currently in the process of creating the second version of their course, this course will be:

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