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Empowerment House

Creating an empowering brand and website experience for a community of women

Matchstick Creative produced a brand that perfectly captures the mission and values of Empowerment House. Their collaborative approach to work and consistent communication was helpful and reassuring. I couldn’t recommend them more highly to fellow female founders.

Marie Hall, Founder - Empowerment House

Our Response


  • Brand identity 
  • Website design and build
  • Content writing

Their impact

  • Empowering women to reach their full potential
  • Creating a thriving network of supportive women
  • Building a community and introducing women to a valuable network

Meet the client

Empowerment House is a three-week programme that supports, uplifts and empowers the women who need it most. The programme is made up of workshops, mentoring, speaker events and networking – all designed to develop women’s confidence. As the saying goes, empowered women empower women.

The challenge at hand

Empowerment House needed a brand identity so that they could hit the ground running and stand out from competitors. As a new business, it was essential that Empowerment House’s branding perfectly represented what they do, why they do it and who they do it for. Their service offering needed to be clear, with an emphasis put on the positive impact that they have on women’s lives. They also needed a website complete with content that made it discoverable – allowing them to reach the women that need their help.

Our response

Combining uplifting copy, engaging visuals and a tone of voice to delight and inspire, we created a complete brand identity for Empowerment House. We made sure that they were involved in every part of the design process so the result was the most accurate representation for the brand. The website was constructed with the user in mind, prioritising navigation and clarity so it’s easy to find exactly what they need. The content for the website was crafted to educate, inspire and empower every woman that comes across it. We elevated Empowerment House’s services to reflect the impact that they have on women’s lives. 

The outcome

The result was a unique and empowering brand identity that speaks to multiple audiences through its visuals and tone of voice. Our content was clear, inviting and informative, making it easy to understand and digestible. We made sure that the website was easy to edit by Empowerment House’s founder, who is often strapped for time. Empowerment House is delighted with how their brand and website came out. They feel that their branding, website design and content all work in harmony to deliver a perfect representation of their mission.

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