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Really Epic Dog

Rebranding and unifying a group of inspirational businesses


  • Website discovery
  • Brand Identity
  • Content creation
  • Website design & build

Their Impact

  • Soccer schools across the globe
  • Dedicated volunteering time for all staff
  • Impactful, expert services in content, sports and technology

Meet The Client

The Really Epic Dog Group (RED) is made up of an exceptional group of businesses that is leading the way in technology, sports and entertainment. From soccer schools to software, they’re passionate about bolstering businesses to become industry leaders, while also serving their communities. As a group with a conscience, they strive to invest in, develop and create companies that improve lives and provide opportunities.

The Challenge At Hand

RED needed a new identity and website to help reflect their awesome values. We needed to clearly position all of their companies, how they impacted the wider world and showcase the brilliant people within their organisation. This was the first time in the company’s history that they were going to highlight their group’s presence. We needed to make people sit up and take notice of this truly epic company.

Our Response

Discovery session

As this was the first time RED had positioned their group, we ran a discovery workshop session to help better understand their needs. We ran through a number of exercises to help their marketing team get to the root of their messaging and the values they wanted to showcase on their new site. Together we defined the drivers behind the project, the potential challenges the project might face and how we could overcome them in collaboration. 

Then, we focused our efforts on gaining a deeper understanding of the site’s potential users. After mapping out their behaviour we were able to better understand their needs and create a digital space that truly met their desires. From this session we were able to create a fun, user-centric site – including some fun content easter eggs. (Have you found the hidden doggos across the site yet?)

Brand Identity

RED were looking for a punchy, confident brand that would help their group build a global presence. A bold, primary colour palette was used with a striking red taking centre stage. Inspired by the founder’s dog, a dog features throughout bringing a playful and cheeky element to the brand. A wave was introduced throughout the website designs to help show the flow between the companies in the organisation and their collaborative approach.

Content mapping & creation 

With a clear picture of our users in mind, we now needed to map and create content that truly met their needs. It became clear from the session that the site would play a key role in attracting new talent and raising the profile of the brand. These key insights helped us to identify what content to create and which audience to pitch it to. All onsite content was optimised for search, the user and meeting key business objectives.

Website design & build

Now, all of RED’s shiny new content needed a home. We worked in collaboration with RED’s marketing team to produce something reflective of the key insights gained from the workshop and the brand’s values. 

Built in WordPress using our own unique design system, RED’s site empowers their team to edit and upload content without our assistance. To help meet needs around recruitment, a bespoke application form was built so applications could be sent directly to RED’s HR team. Throughout the site, RED’s punchy new brand was reinforced to help build trust and recognition with its different users. 

The outcomes

  • A confident, recognisable brand that truly reflects RED’s values
  • User and search friendly content that helps to tell the story of RED, its people and their values 
  • A website that acts as more than a brochure. RED now has a valuable business tool that helps them reach their strategic goals
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