10 Instagram accounts to follow for female empowerment
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10 Instagram accounts to follow for female empowerment

Supporting your fellow human comes in a number of guises. It might be speaking up for a colleague when she’s being interrupted by her male co-worker, it might be giving her credit for an idea when someone else is trying to steal her limelight- sometimes it’s as simple as an Instagram post; a message of solidarity – a beacon saying “You are not in this alone.”

As a woman working in digital marketing I spend a lot of time online – my entire day most days – and sometimes, amongst the hostility and misogyny, it’s nice to see women doing nice shit for each other. Messages of hope. Public bigging up and sister supporting. We’re all part of a worldwide girl gang and never is that more apparent than on these feminist Instagram channels. Enrich your online (and offline) life with other good women.

In no particular order (we are collaborators, not competitors), here are my top feminist Instagram channels. Ready your protest banners girls.

1. The Women’s Organisation (@thewomensorganisation)

As a Liverpool-based agency, we’ve got to start locally. The Women’s Organisation is a shining example of women supporting women – it’s quite literally what the company is founded on. Their Instagram channel is full of inspiring quotes, breaking news and updates on The WO’s important work. Follow them for all the #feministfeels.

Just LOVE our delivery from @jnragency!! ???? #changemaker

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2. Stylist Magazine (@stylistmagazine)

Whenever I need a dose of intellectual, often very funny and ultimately enlightening journalism I know I can rely on Stylist Magazine. They’re the only ‘women’s magazine’ I’m interested in and their Instagram feed is a feast for the feminist eyes. From their brilliant magazine covers to their breaking news on women’s lives around the globe, Stylist is my journalistic soul sisters.

3. Madame Ghandi (@madamegandhi)

There are a few reasons why I love Karin Ghandi’s Instagram feed. Of course, she’s a drummer so there’s lots of fun drumming content, but more than that she’s a vocal and outspoken feminist. Many of her posts proudly proclaim ‘The Future is Female’ and we couldn’t agree more. You can also check out her weekly playlists on Spotify – it’s the ultimate empowering office background music.

4. Young Creative Council (@YCC)

I’m totally biased because I was featured on their Badass.gal list, however, I still love the content they’re putting out. Created by the young arm of The D&AD award, Young Creative Council is an awesome space for feeding your inner creative queen.

5. Boss Babe Inc. (@bossbabe.inc)

No one owns the grid like Boss Babe Inc. I wish I could be as disciplined with our Instagram feed, but I enjoy the freedom too much. Boss Babe is probably the best channel on this list for kick-ass quotes – and we don’t say that lightly. Follow them for a daily dose of inspiration, straight into the feminist jugular.

6. Girl Gang Manchester (@girlgangmcr)

Yas Manchester queens, you are featured on my list too. I’ve been a long supporter of GGM’s work and have interviewed them about their amazing work before. Their Instagram feed is a great view of the Manchester feminist scene – as well as a great way to get a sneak peek at their upcoming events and experiences.

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7. Liverpool Girl Geeks (@lpoolgirlgeeks)

Our constant faves, Liverpool Girl Geeks had to make an appearance in our list. With the brilliant Jo Morfee and Emily Rose Cotter in charge, the LGG Insta feed is all a gal needs to stay on top of women in tech news. It’s my go-to space for finding out about STEM and the STEMinist community.

8. The Fawcett Society (@fawcettsociety)

The Fawcett Society or, as I like to call them, Who Should Be in Charge, is a constant source of inspiration and #feminist content. From posting about their latest marches and campaign work to eye-opening statistics, you can guarantee you’ll find something to lift you out of that bad mood that stupid troll put you in. Oh, and they made jewellery in collab with Tatty Devine, need we say more?

9. Punky Pins (@punkypins)

I’m a huge fan of pins and Punky Pins are one of my favourite go-to places for fun accessories. Their designs are covered in sassy slogans, pride messages and plenty of feminist epithets. If you’re ever stuck of what to get me as a gift – Punky Pins entire collection is the answer. Their Instagram feed is dreamy; a multi-coloured scape of rainbows anthropomorphised uteruses and kittens. Their posts are a colourful reminder to look after yourself every day.

10. Feminist Fight Club (@feministfightclub)

The Insta home of one of my favourite books, Feminist Fight Club, is the epicentre of all things feminist and empowering. From offering practical advice for battling sexism in the workplace to updates on their latest protests, FFC is your new favourite girl gang. Buy the book, join the club and level-up your feminist sass.

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