One year of B corp: Read our Impact Report
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One year of B corp: Read our Impact Report

In 2022, we reached the huge milestone of becoming B Corp certified, demonstrating our dedication as a purpose-driven business to do more good and strive for positive change. As part of our B Corp commitment, we’ve produced our first impact report, highlighting the great progress that we’ve made over the past year to impact improvement, and also creating transparency around the areas that we found slightly challenging to hit the mark.

Gaining the B Corp certification was always the goal for us at Matchstick Creative, and is at the heart of our values and mission as an organisation. We wrote a blog explaining exactly why B Corp was right for us. 

What is a B Corp Impact Report? 

Impact reports are important for any B Corp-certified organisation, helping to provide an open and honest representation of their measurable social and environmental impact over a 12-month period. Helping both internal and external stakeholders to better understand an organisation’s B Corp journey, the annual impact report explores progress from the five core areas, which are:

  • Governance – Our core mission, ethics and transparency 
  • Workers – The way we help our Matchsticks from their career, to personal wellbeing
  • Environment – Our environmental impact and management processes
  • Community – How we’re supporting diversity, inclusion and equity whilst engaging with communities both locally and nationally
  • Customers – Our commitment to working with 100% purpose-driven businesses and advocating for social change

Taking a deep dive into the key areas, the impact report will take a look at some of our big moments from 2022, the progress that we’ve made and how well we’ve worked to stick to our B Corp commitment. Alongside the good things we’ve done, we also know there’s room for improvement. Taking into consideration the things we found slightly challenging in our first year of B Corp, the report will take a look at our goals for 2023, and exactly how we’re going to do it! 

What impact has Matchstick Creative had in 2022? 

We’ve learnt a lot in our first year of becoming certified, hitting many milestones to help us create impact along the way.  Last year, we were proud of our successful commitment to working with 100% purpose-driven businesses and the steps we’ve taken to support our Matchsticks, such as setting up our HR functions and implementing our first-ever staff handbook. Our vision to drive social impact has been exceeded with a host of successful Firestarters events, including three events at The Good Business Festival. We’ve been busy!

Where can I find the first annual B Corp impact report?

Our goal is to share with our incredible purpose-driven community the work that we’ve done over the past year to do more good for both people and the planet. You can explore our impact and our commitments for 2023 by reading the report here.

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