About Matchstick Creative - Read our origin story

The bit with the origin story

We help organisations who want to create a positive impact communicate clearly.   When we understand each other better, great things happen.

Hi there

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us a little. We’re Matchstick Creative, formerly J&R Agency. We’ve gone through a rebrand as we wanted to attract even more brilliant businesses, organisations and people to the work we do. Perhaps you’re one of those people. We’re here to help your business communicate clearly.

From working with companies and organisations who are trying to do good in the world, we’ve found that unclear communication can cause countless issues. That’s why we focus on content, identity and user experience. When it comes to digital marketing, these are the areas that can transform a business from ok to great. When we understand each other better, great things happen.

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Why Matchstick Creative?

If you want to stand out, you’ll need a spark of something different. We’re here to ignite your business or organisation online.

Meet Our Founder

Hi, I’m Ruth Hartnoll, the Founder and Content Director of Matchstick Creative. I believe, at heart, we’re all communicators. If we understand each other better we’re able to create a more equal world. And equality is a cause close to my heart – as a vocal feminist, I want to see change happen quicker. That’s why when we partner with businesses we want to work with people who are trying to do good in the world. To learn about how I started my business (and the reality of running it every day) connect with me on LinkedIn. To learn about what I’m up to now and my plans for the future, follow me on Twitter. I can’t wait to meet you.

Our Values

Be Yourself

Collaboration over Competition

Always be learning

Care about quality

Improvement not perfection

Ruth Hartnoll

Founder & Content Director

Greg Macoy

Experience Director

Amber Jones Eddy

Content Manager

Aaron Fontenot

Small Business Lead

joy ling

Joy Ling

Web Developer

Carla Sparrow

Graphic Designer

Faye Allen

Content & Social Media Executive

Finn Bear

Head of Happiness