Firestarters - Liverpool business networking


No-bullshit networking that sparks positive change

Ethical business networking for purpose-driven people

Gone are the days of pastries and forced fun. Firestarters is a new way of networking that focuses on creating meaningful interactions between purpose-driven businesses.

Networking should be valuable and intentional for everyone who takes part, which is why we created Firestarters to be a platform for good. The group provides the business community with the support and resources they need to impact their industries, make valuable connections and generate business.

Hear from a diverse lineup of leading local speakers, nurture your businesses growth and shout about what matters to you. Together, we can spark positive social change across the Liverpool City Region.

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Who is Firestarters for?

Firestarters is open to people from all industries and all backgrounds, but you may find it particularly useful if you are:

Purpose-driven business owners
Values-lead professionals
Board members
Passionate changemakers

Why should I join Firestarters?

Be a force for good in the city region
Join a diverse and inclusive safe space to share ideas
Generate valuable business
Make worthwhile connections
Enable positive social change

Be the change you want to see

Join us in shaping the Liverpool City Region’s business community for the better. If you have any questions about Firestarters, reach out to us on

When is the next Firestarters event?

After kicking off Firestarters with a wonderful community consultation event earlier this year, our first public event is happening on April 22nd at 17:00.

“Building Back Equal”

Our first event looks to understand how the Liverpool City Region’s business community has come together to champion diversity and build back equally, together.

Building Back Equal speakers & panel members

Emeka Onuora, LCRCA Race Equality Programme Project Manager

Chelsea Slater, Founder, Innovate Her

Natalie Denny, Founder, The Goddess Projects

Francesca Manca, Founder, Underwing


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