Firestarters x MRWA presents…Circular Culture Series
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Firestarters x MRWA presents…Circular Culture Series

Firestarters is turning up the heat for 2024! We’re kicking off the year with a brand new partnership. We’ll be collaborating with Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA) and to deliver a brand new series of events. We’ll be producing three live and interactive sector-specific events, discussing the role of the circular economy within the Liverpool City Region (LCR) and how we can work to create more sustainable approaches to business.

Meet Firestarters

Firestarters is a community of changemakers across the LCR that places purpose before profit. Through a range of live events, we bring together people from the public, private and third sectors to tackle important issues and strive for social change. Firestarters is community lighter fuel.

Get to know our partners

MRWA is a strategic waste and resource management authority that operates across the Merseyside region. It is committed to creating more environmentally-friendly communities and sustainable approaches to business through their pioneering approach to waste innovation. 
As champions for the circular economy, MRWA brings together circular leaders through its Circular Economy Club Liverpool City Region. The club is a chapter of CEC global and is open to anyone within the LCR that is interested in taking action on current environmental and sustainability issues.

What is the Circular Culture series?

The Circular Culture series will consist of three events, hosted across different areas of the LCR, bringing together industry leaders and sustainability experts to facilitate important conversations. With each event focusing on a different sector, the events will be exploring how the circular economy can benefit organisations on a local and national scale, and how it can lead to adopting more sustainable and ethical approaches to business.

Manufacturing: Making and building a better world 

Investigating the role of the circular economy in manufacturing, the first event will discuss the unique challenges around creating a circular culture in the process of turning raw materials into finished goods.

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Technology: Pioneering sustainable innovation 

Event two will delve into the technology industry, bringing together local industry leaders to explore the challenges around implementing a circular economy in a sector that is committed to innovation and rapid development.

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Food and Hospitality: Imagining more sustainable approaches

We’ll be closing the series with event three, taking a look at the role of the circular economy in the food and hospitality sector. The event will explore the challenges and opportunities around introducing circular culture into a customer-facing industry.

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What can you expect from the events?

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from a diverse line-up of local industry experts, (stay tuned as we’ll be announcing these shortly!) around the core challenges and opportunities of implementing circular culture into key sectors. Our unique Firestarters format will help to empower attendees to ‘ask the experts’ their insightful questions and our circular culture pledge will create community accountability and actionable next steps so that we can collectively spark change.

What will the events look like?

Each event will follow our unique Firestarters format, attendees can expect: 

  • Welcome and context setting from Firestarters Co-Founder Greg Macoy and host, Fran Manca 
  • Opening survey to gain valuable insights 
  • Panel Q+A with a diverse lineup of industry professionals where attendees will have the opportunity to ‘ask the experts’  
  • Smaller group discussions with attendees and guest speakers to explore the key ideas in-depth 
  • Round-up of learnings from the sessions and community pledge to create next steps 
  • Opportunities for networking to close the event

Attendees will come away from the event with:

  • Shared real-world experiences from organisations in the Manufacturing, Technology, Food and Hospitality industries
  • Practical advice and takeaway tools to enable positive change to happen quickly
  • A diverse network of contacts that can offer ongoing support and insights 
  • A chance to ask experts questions about manufacturing challenges in the circular economy today 
  • The opportunity to work collaboratively with organisations across the supply chain
  • Free membership to CEC LCR enabling networking opportunities, peer support, access to events and meetings, and regular newsletters covering important developments in the circular economy

How can you get involved in the Circular Culture Series?

Are you ready to spark change? If you’d like to join the discussion around implementing circular culture in a range of different sectors, then come along to the Firestarters x MRWA Circular Culture series by booking your ticket on Eventbrite.

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