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Infographic: How to achieve diversity in the workplace

A lot of the time, our differences are our strengths; and finally, the average workplace is starting to reflect this. Diversity in the workplace has become an expected component. People want to see themselves reflected in the faces of those providing their products or services, and companies have come to realise that a range of backgrounds and experiences helps them to compete and grow strong in the twenty-first-century economy. It’s also important to a company’s culture – many people want to work for a diverse business.

At Matchstick Creative, we strive to increase diversity within our organisation. That includes hiring diverse talent, working with freelancers and partnering with other businesses. We make sure to actively engage with the conversation, rather than simply pay lip service to it.  No matter your age, gender, race, sexual orientation or favourite pizza topping, we welcome you with open arms.

This snazzy infographic from ZeroCater offers some details on why diversity in the workplace is so important.

How to Actually Achieve a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

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