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Civic Data Cooperative

How we helped Civic Data Cooperative develop their brand identity


  • Brand workshops
  • Visual Brand Identity Development
  • Brand Tone of Voice
  • Staff handover training

Their Impact

  • Improving health outcomes locally and nationally
  • An innovative approach to anonymised data sharing
  • Drastically improving the lives of local people
  • Building trust in transparent data-sharing systems

Meet The Client

Civic Data Cooperative have set out to overcome the challenges of using civic data – essentially any data that describes people, such as health records, that is protected by governance, common law, and legislation – to help inform healthcare decision-making across Liverpool City Region. They create new approaches to data-sharing that simultaneously help to improve the wellbeing of local LCR communities, whilst still protecting residents’ privacy.

The Challenge At Hand

LCR CDC needed to convey their brand vision in a concise way that engaged all of their target audiences and de-mystified what they do, all whilst building trust in a newly established data-sharing platform.

Our response 

Visual identity


To capture the Civic Data Cooperative brand and its purpose, we began with a Visual Wall Workshop. These dynamic sessions promote the fun side of brand development and we encourage free-flowing thought and conversations throughout. Our designer then gets a feel for how the brand needs to be presented. Voting takes place to help test the room’s feelings on what has been created. As this session was carried out during COVID-19, we ran the workshop virtually using Miro. Utilising this tool ensured there was energy and engagement during the entire session, giving us the best contributions from both teams whilst working remotely.

Research & Development

Following on from the workshop, our designer then starts the R&D phase. The free-flowing conversations that took place between the Matchstick Creative and Civic Data Cooperative teams take centre stage for this part of the process. Our designer explores ideas and concepts at this point in the journey so stronger ideas come to the forefront and can be developed efficiently as the project continues. This allows us to refine the initial ideas early on, ensuring structured conversations are happening throughout and limiting any teething problems. Workshop conversations and vision boards are used to convey the purpose and tone of LCR CDC visually and several options are then presented to the client, along with further discussions to help inform and navigate the logo design phase.

Logo Design & Asset Creation

The brand logo was created to represent Civic Data Cooperative’s new direction and a new colour palette was also developed to represent the brand values.  We provided the CDC team with mock-ups of how the new visual brand could be used across the website and social media, giving real world examples and context to the new guidelines. 

Brand Guidelines

Creating a full brand guidelines document allows the Civic Data Cooperative team to fully immerse themselves in the world of LCR CDC and gives them a reference point to continuously refer back to if needed. The document is easy to understand and relate to, ensuring the entire team could put them into practice. 

Brand Voice

Tone of Voice Workshop

Meeting with the team allowed us to learn about the brand firsthand. This allowed them to platform their wants and needs for communicating confidently as LCR CDC. Taking them through guided exercises allowed us to generate results, including the below from our Stakeholder Mapping exercise. This allowed both us and the team to get a real understanding of who they are talking to in their marketing efforts. 


Colleagues at Civic Data Cooperative felt they were lacking the empowerment they needed to communicate confidently on behalf of the brand. We created jargon-free Tone of Voice Guidelines, with the aim to address some of their worries, including:

We also included some examples of the Tone of Voice in action to develop their understanding and put these guidelines into practice in a real, practical way.

Handover Training to Staff

To solidify their understanding and confidence in their newly established marketing communication skills, we took the Civic Data Cooperative team through the guidelines in person. This helped to address any remaining worries and provide solutions face to face. This addressed the goal of de-mystifying the brand and what it does for each key audience – as well as simplifying the purpose behind a new form of sensitive data-sharing. 


Gary Leeming, Director at Civic Data Cooperative, said: “The team at Matchstick Creative made the process of establishing our brand and tone of voice easy for our team to take on board. With their help we now have a team that are confident across the board to communicate with all our stakeholders as Civic Data Cooperative, making messaging much easier to convey.”

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