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Brand tone of voice workshops 

Define your brand values & personality 

Create clarity. Communicate with conviction.

Your tone of voice can make your brand instantly recognisable. It’s a chance to show your brand values, your personality and to connect with your audience – it’s not something to overlook. In our brand tone of voice workshops, we work collaboratively with your team to understand more about your communication challenges and create a framework that will find solutions. 

Whether you’re writing social media posts, website content or company business cards, your brand tone of voice should always be evident. Our fun and interactive tone of voice workshops will help you to form your own brand sound and ensure that it’s reflected in every message you share.

Why are tone of voice workshops important? 

  • Tone of voice defines your company personality – both verbally and the written word
  • Creates cohesion across all messages
  • Allows you to showcase your brand personality

What our tone of voice workshops will give you 

  • Guidelines to use when creating any branded content
  • Empathy towards your target audience
  • Clarity around your brand’s overall sound
  • Alignment within your sector

Create content that shows personality

Find your brand purpose

Tell me more

Three steps to perfect tone


We take a look at how other brands are using their tone of voice. We want to know what does and doesn’t work for your brand, and adapt your tone to reflect your thinking.

Defining values & personality

This is where we find out a little more about you. Our team will run a series of activities to help get more of an idea of who you want to be as a brand.

Summary of learnings

Our sessions finish with reflection. We want to ensure that your team are happy with the values and personality that you’ve identified before we go away and plan your next steps.

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