Our top 7 podcasts for female empowerment
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7 podcasts to listen to for Female Empowerment

Podcasts are awesome. They are arguably the easiest way to be entertained whilst also digesting information and educating yourself. Whether you are on a commute, doing housework, at the gym or are simply bored, there is always time in your day for a podcast.

And the great news is, there are plenty of female empowerment podcasts to listen to get you inspired. Some are lighthearted and comedic approaches on our struggles as women, some educate us on feminist history, some tell us the real stories of inspirational women, and some teach us how to love and empower ourselves.

Whatever your favourite genre is, we’ve got you covered. We’ve chosen our top 7 favourite podcasts for female empowerment that you need to be listening to:

1. The Guilty Feminist

The Guilty Feminist is an award-winning comedy podcast that tackles the trials and tribulations of modern-day feminism one joke at a time. Host Deborah Frances-White is joined by new guests every week; all delivering hilarious stand-up comedy segments about what it means to be an imperfect (and guilty) feminist.

The podcast aims to give women a voice when discussing both serious issues and trivial day-to-day struggles, giving a (mostly)lighthearted take on smashing the patriarchy. If you’re looking for an educational yet hilarious listen, The Guilty Feminist is the perfect podcast for you.

2. Northern Power Women

This one goes out to all of our badass babes in business. Northern Power Women is a collaborative campaign that strives to increase gender equality and diversity in the North of England. Their podcast, hosted by Sam Walker, discusses the biggest issues that women face that affect both their career and personal lives.

Each episode features a successful woman in business, sharing the challenges they have faced in their journey to get to where they are today. If you’ve got the drive for success but are feeling a little disheartened, this podcast is sure to inject some inspiration into your life.

3. What’s Underneath by Style Like U

Based on a Youtube series of the same name, What’s Underneath shares compelling, sometimes heart wrenching, stories of women from all walks of life. Quirky mother-daughter duo Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum discuss self-image, acceptance, style, identity and diversity with various inspirational role models.

What’s Underneath aims to hold a ‘Self Acceptance Revolution’, eliminating the societal constructs regarding how we present ourselves and encouraging us to be unapologetic about who we are.

4. Adulting

Hosted by social media influencer Oenone Forbat, Adulting is a diverse podcast that covers all things to do with growing up as a young female in today’s society. Oenone covers a multitude of topics surrounding feminism, career, money, sexuality and relationships, health and fitness. Apparent by its name, Adulting is a great podcast for all the young and confused millennial woman out there.

5. Letters from a Hopeful Creative

Join Sara Tasker and Jen Kontis-Carrington every Monday for a wholesome chat on career advice, developing skills, and growing your confidence. Letters from a Hopeful Creative describes itself as ‘for creative humans who are ready to dive deep, dream big and do business and life in their own terms every step of the way’.

Every week, Sara and Jen answer a letter from a hopeless creative that’s looking for guidance, offering them genuine advice and support. If you would describe yourself as a creative person in any sense of the word, this may be the podcast for you.

6. Call Your Girlfriend

Sometimes, you wish all conversations could flow as smoothly as one you would have with your bestie. Call Your Girlfriend is hosted by best friends Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, who discuss a range of topics in such a natural way that you could assume they were just having a catch-up over the phone. They cover current events, host guests and give updates on their own lives. If you’re in some serious need of a hilarious, down to earth girly chat, this one’s for you.

7. Stuff Mom Never Told You

Stuff Mom Never Told You is hosted by Bridget Todd and Anney Reese and explores the challenges faced by women throughout history and in the modern age. As you would expect, the podcast dives deeper into issues regarding gender, race and sex with complexity and curiosity. We recommend this one to those looking to be educated as well as entertained.

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