Firestarters ‘Building Back Equal’ - Employment and Skills
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Firestarters ‘Building Back Equal’ – Employment and Skills

‘Building Back Equal’ – Employment and Skills

Employment and Skills is the third event in our four-part ‘Building Back Equal’ series. Each event in the series focuses attention on reducing inequalities in the Liverpool City Region, facilitating discussion on how to build back better. Read on to find out how this event will address this challenge.

Insights from our first event in the series helped identify what sectors needed to be prioritised to achieve our community’s goal of sparking real change in the region. Having already completed our second event on Culture and Destination Tourism, our third event will focus on Employment and Skills, bringing together values-led organisations to discuss what more can be done in their sectors and industries to take action, spark change, and ensure a fair recovery from COVID-19.

Why this event is needed

Predictably, COVID-19’s impact across different industries and sectors over the last 18 months has not been even. In fact, the pandemic and multiple lockdowns have exacerbated inequalities at a national, regional, and local level. 

Widening inequalities on all three levels have left the region disproportionately vulnerable to the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, with diverse groups over-represented in job losses associated with COVID-19.

‘Building Back Equal – Employment and Skills’ will open honest discussions regarding these issues and help find local solutions to a growing challenge.

Who is the event for?

‘Building Back Equal’ – Employment and Skills will create the space to discuss these issues and consider how the region can respond to them. The event is open to everyone but will be particularly beneficial if you’re looking to:

  • Hear from industry leaders within the Liverpool City Region about equality of opportunity
  • Share your thoughts on how the region can build back equally
  • Make meaningful cross-sector connections with purpose-driven individuals and organisations
  • Help inform the Firestarters Building Back Equal Insights report
  • Become part of a community that’s working together to do good

Who are our guests for ‘Employment and Skills’?

Guest speakers at Employment and Skills include Amanda Follit, Paul Amann, and Tracy Fishwick OBE. Further guests will be announced very soon on our Twitter and Instagram.

How you can take part

Want to have your say in how the Liverpool City Region can build back equality of opportunity? Join us at Firestarters ‘Building Back Equal’ – Employment and Skills on Thursday 4th November by booking your ticket to the event on Eventbrite.