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Content Strategy

The map to guide you on your journey

A considered, clearly-mapped content strategy is a vital tool in your marketing survival kit.

Before we begin creating stand-out content we first need to understand a lot of ‘whos’ and ‘why’s. Who are we making content for? Why do they prefer one platform over another? Why might one message resonate more than another?

By addressing these crucial questions first we can hope
to make content that serves a purpose.

Our Content Strategies do just that.

They’re the roadmap your business needs to survive and thrive in a digital landscape.

Why do I need a content strategy?

• Identify your ideal audiences
• Find out what makes them tick (and why)
• Discover what messages will resonate with
them most
• Reveal what they’re searching for (and how
you can meet that need)
• Figure out which channels will engage them
the most

Whats included in my content strategy?

• Your value proposition
• Content drivers
• Content themes
• Distribution recommendations
• Original, engaging ideas
• Ways to measure success

Content case studies

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How we work with you

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First, a workshop. This helps us discover what’s driving you forward and what’s holding you back. Everything is captured to help create a clear path forward.

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Next, we create a strategic and easy-to-understand guide for your marketing activity. We align it directly to your business goals to produce something with purpose.

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With a clear guide to lead the way, we know exactly what we’re making and why. We begin our journey with your business and set off on an adventure.

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