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Brand Tone of Voice

Communicate with conviction

A tone of voice is not what you say, but how you say it.

It’s not just your language choices either – it’s the rhythm of your words, their order and pace. Tone of voice is evident in your organisation’s written communications, design and even how you connect with people. It can be seen in your logo, brand colours and typography.

A correctly used tone of voice keeps you consistent and, ultimately, makes you a brand people can trust. Tone of voice is an attitude. It’s a statement about the impact you hope to achieve.

Why is Tone of Voice important?

  • Your tone of voice appears everywhere – yes, even there
  • It makes your communications as a company considered and consistent
  • It expresses personality, builds trust and helps to create a point of difference from your competitors
  • It’s your brand’s attitude – better to dazzle than to bore

What Tone of Voice services do you offer?

  • Tone of voice guidelines
  • Workshops
  • Training
  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • Brand naming

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How we help you find your voice

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We work closely with your team to help you figure out your brand personality, you values and how you want to sound.

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Our expert Copywriters burrow themselves into a corner of our office and produce your Tone of Voice guidelines.

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We want everyone in your team to be empowered to use your new brand voice. Our handover training helps you do just that.

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