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How to build a brand people actually take notice of

Your brand is one of your greatest assets, but are you getting the traction you want with your desired audiences?

Torchlight Talks – How to build a brand people actually take notice of

This event is the second of six online webinars in our brand new Torchlight Talks series Start with Purpose. For this exciting new series, we’re partnering with Business & IP Centre Liverpool to deliver six webinars aimed at helping people who want to start new, purpose-driven businesses in Liverpool.

Join us at the event to explore content creation, user experience and strategy tips that will help you start up your business with purpose.

What is Torchlight Talks?

Torchlight Talks is a series of webinars designed to create positive social change by empowering purpose-driven people and business leaders to grow their brands and communicate better online. Through collaborative training and knowledge sharing, Torchlight Talks will empower ethical businesses to have more impact through better marketing.

What will you learn?

If you want to create a successful brand, you’ll need to understand how to connect with your ideal audience. Build a brand to be proud of with help from Aaron Fontenot, Business Lead of Matchstick Creative.

This session will help you to understand why your brand is one of your greatest assets as a business owner, and will work to answer these questions:

  • How can we establish our own brand personality?
  • Why is a consistent brand personality so important?
  • How can we find our ideal audiences?

In a 90-minute masterclass, Aaron will guide you through the building blocks of your brand personality, executing it across all of your channels and creating messages that actually resonate with your ideal audiences. Build a brand that’s worth talking about.

Who is the event for?

  • New startup founders looking to understand their ideal audience
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs in need of support and advice to build their brand
  • Small business owners wanting to connect with a wider audience

Learn more about Matchstick Creative

Aaron Fontenot is the Business Lead of Matchstick Creative, a purpose-driven digital marketing agency based in Liverpool. Matchstick Creative help organisations who want to create a positive impact communicate clearly. If we understand each other better, great things happen.

This event will take place on Zoom. Access to the event will be available 30 minutes before it starts. Click the ‘access the event’ button and you will be directed to the joining page.