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How to turn your business idea into a plan you can put into action

This session will help you turn your idea into an actionable plan by defining your purpose and setting goals that align with your mission.

Torchlight Talks – How to turn your business idea into a plan you can put into action

This event is the final webinar in our brand new six-part Torchlight Talks series Start with Purpose. For this exciting new series, we’re partnering with Business & IP Centre Liverpool to deliver six webinars aimed at helping people who want to start new, purpose-driven businesses in Liverpool.

Join us at the event to explore content creation, user experience and strategy tips that will help you start up your business with purpose.

What is Torchlight Talks?

Torchlight Talks is a series of webinars designed to create positive social change by empowering purpose-driven people and business leaders to grow their brands and communicate better online. Through collaborative training and knowledge sharing, Torchlight Talks will empower ethical businesses to have more impact through better marketing.

What will you learn?

In a 90-minute masterclass, Greg will help you understand how you can put together a plan for your business through a step-by-step guide to interrogating your business concept and finding clarity. Join Greg’s masterclass to:

  • Understand what your business goals look like
  • Learn how to set achievable goals that help progress your business
  • Plan for future growth and sustainability by understanding the horizons for your business

Who is the event for?

  • Startup founders looking to plan for future business growth
  • New entrepreneurs wanting to discover their business goals
  • Small business owners hoping to work effectively and purposefully

Learn more about Matchstick Creative

Greg Macoy is the Experience Director of Matchstick Creative, a purpose-driven digital marketing agency based in Liverpool. Matchstick Creative help organisations who want to create a positive impact communicate clearly. If we understand each other better, great things happen.

This event will take place on Zoom. Access to the event will be available 30 minutes before it starts. Click the ‘access the event’ button and you will be directed to the joining page.