Matchstick Creative - Announcing creative agency J&Rs’ rebrand
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Introducing our new brand…Matchstick Creative

Two years have gone by since the birth of J&R, and what a wild two years it has been. We’ve gone from working in a tiny, windowless office to working in a lovely, doggo-friendly space at 54 St James Street. We’ve grown from a team of one to a team of five. We’ve worked with so many amazing clients. And of course, we’ve battled our way through the current pandemic.

With all the changes we’ve faced over the years, Our journey is not the same as it began. It was about time we created a new brand that accurately reflects how the business has shifted since the beginning and represents the work we’ve done to date. 

Without further ado, allow us to introduce Matchstick Creative – our new look, sound and feel. Let’s journey through our rebrand process and explore the story of how Matchstick Creative came to be.

Why we did it

We’ve always worked alongside inspiring businesses and organisations. We found that we would naturally attract work from companies with a conscience more and more over time. This led us to realise how much we loved working with companies that do good. We decided it was time to extend our reach to profit-for-purpose, health tech and tech for good organisations. To make this mission possible, we needed a new brand that attracted these new audiences.

How we did it

A rebrand is no small feat. Creating a new brand ID can be difficult, and for us, finding a name that felt right was the longest, most frustrating part of the process! Our rebrand journey was made up of a pizza-fueled visual wall workshop, brainstorming sessions, meetings, brainwriting, and several naming workshops – you can find out all about it in our Masterclass series. 

Who our new brand is for

We wanted the new brand to reflect the people we want to work with. We crafted our tone of voice to be clear, optimistic and celebratory – speaking to those who, like us, are passionate about doing good. 

It was also important that people in the company were reflected through the brand. Our team is made up of people who are bright, friendly, individual and, of course, creative. Matchstick Creative is a brand that perfectly embodies who we are and what we do through its name, visuals and voice. 

The values driving our business

A new brand comes with a new set of values, and ours represent our team and how they view working at Matchstick Creative:

Be yourself

Our staff are all different, each made up of a unique blend of experiences and passions. We celebrate our differences and champion diversity, giving equal opportunity to anyone who walks through our door. 

Collaboration over competition

The creative and digital industries are full of amazingly talented people. We team up with our partners and freelancers to deliver a diverse range of work.

Always be learning

No matter if you’re 10 or 100, there’s always something new to learn. Our team takes pride in upskilling themselves consistently. Our thirst for knowledge makes them adaptable to working on any new project.

Care about quality

Quality is at the centre of everything we do. Our well-written content, beautifully-designed websites and engaging workshops speak for themselves.

Improvement not perfection

Striving for perfection can be time-wasting, unrealistic and stress-inducing. By focusing on improvement rather than being the best of the best, we can achieve a high-quality final result on time.

Have we sparked your interest?

We’re so excited to get to work as Matchstick Creative. Our journey so far has been amazing, and we’re sure the best is yet to come. Get in touch with our founder, Ruth Hartnoll at Be sure to follow our freshly made over social media channels on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn