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Net-zero carbon with Liverpool City Region Combined Authority

Conveying LCRCA’s Carbon Neutral stance in a fully accessible way for communities in the Liverpool City Region


  • Content Creation
  • Brand Voice Implementation
  • Development and Design

Their Impact

  • Positively shaping the Net Zero agenda across the Liverpool City Region, for the people of the Liverpool City Region
  • Creating a future where the population can live happier lives in their natural environment
  • Building a strategic plan to deliver on ambitious goals around reducing carbon

Meet The Client

Liverpool City Region Combined Authority (LCRCA) makes a positive impact on communities within the Liverpool City Region. They identify opportunities to make investments in areas such as transport, employment, culture, digital and housing. One of their latest projects was to take a stance and make strides towards their position on net-zero carbon in order to help create a sustainable future for the people of LCR by 2040 or sooner.

The Challenge At Hand

Liverpool City Region Combined Authority needed to convey their plan to deliver on its “net-zero carbon by 2040 or sooner” promise to the communities they served. The information that needed to be communicated was fairly complex and they needed a solution that was easy to understand, visually interesting and all in their brand voice.

Our Response



We met with the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority team to understand the challenge and what the key messages around their Pathway to Net-Zero plans were. We worked alongside the team throughout to effectively tell the story of the pathway the organisation is going to take. The key takeaway from the briefing was that the information needed to be shared far and wide across the Liverpool City Region. To make this happen, the language used in the asset needed to be fully accessible, whilst still in the LCRCA brand voice.

Content Creation

Following on from the briefing, we then reviewed what had already been created by the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority team, which incorporated all of the information the audience needed to know. The Matchstick Creative team then looked at aspects such as tone and language choices; making sure everything was free of jargon. The exercise allowed us to ensure we were writing the document in the LCRCA brand voice; balancing important technical information alongside more narrative-driven content. This combination of storytelling methods gave the piece enough depth to allow it to be repurposed for multiple channels and purposes.


Design Development

Our designer then developed the information in a visual manner, completely collaborating with the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority team every step of the way. Having LCRCA highly involved in this phase ensured any snags were ironed out early on and the assets were developed to a high standard. We enhanced the report with visual storytelling, creating a series of 3D infographic-style illustrations. Laying the document out in this way and creating a series of stunning images allowed us to breathe life and personality into the document, making it visually appealing and easy to digest.

Iteration and Refinement

We refined our initial ideas based on multiple stakeholders’ feedback, this had to be implemented whilst keeping the document’s integrity and purpose at the forefront. The result was a cohesive, informative piece that was engaging and didn’t overwhelm the target audience; no matter where and how they accessed it. The document was created in such a way that the team had the ability to break the information down further into stand alone social media posts, posters and simplified print outs.

Infographic-style illustrations brought the document to life


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