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Make CIC

Defining a voice for a community of makers


  • Workshops
  • Brand tone of voice
  • Staff upskilling

Their Impact

  • Community impact
  • Societal impact
  • Generating profit for purpose

Meet The Client

Make CIC operate a suite of makerspaces across Liverpool and The Wirral. Their spaces enable people from all walks of life to share skills, make, fix and create. They encourage collaboration and engagement between their handmade community and design spaces where members can share ideas, work areas and refer projects to one another. New technology-led thinking crosses over with traditional-craft practices to create something wholly unique. Make is made by people, for people.

The Challenge At Hand

With an established and familiar visual identity in place, Make CIC found themselves struggling to create consistent messaging across their many channels. With multiple people in their team producing copy they wanted their voice to sound consistent and in line with their brand values. They needed a voice that bought the many aspects of their organisation together and a way for their in-house staff to execute it themselves.

Our Response

Tone of voice workshop

To define a voice, first you need to have a
conversation. We organised an interactive,
engaging workshop for Make CIC and its key
members of staff. During the workshop we asked
key questions about their brand, what they stood
for and how they wanted to be seen.

During the session we :

• Defined their brand values and what they stand for as an organisation
• Pinpointed their brand personality and how they wanted to convey their attitude
• Scoped their key marketing messages
• Narrowed down their audiences and who they were speaking to

With all of these insights, we were then able to develop their bespoke Tone of Voice guidelines.

Tone of voice guidelines

Tone of voice guidelines are your linguistic beacon.
They help to define how you should be talking and
why. We created a unique set of brand tone of
voice guidelines for Make and all of its staff to use.

Their tone of voice guidelines took in :

• What tone of voice is
• Brand values
• Brand personality
• How to describe Make to different audiences
• Example use cases to see their new voice in action
• A style guide
• Recommended further reading (for word nerds)

These guidelines now act as ongoing resource for
Make CIC’s staff. They can refer back to them
whenever they’re communicating on behalf of Make
CIC’s to ensure they’re getting their brand voice right.

Content masterclass

After the production of their tone of voice
guidelines, Make CIC wanted to further upskill their
staff by holding a content masterclass. The
masterclass looked to plug a few skill gaps the team
had and highlight efficient ways of working. The
masterclass was crafted by our Content Director
Ruth Hartnoll who used her years of industry
expertise to deliver a no-bullshit approach to
writing content for non-experts.

The masterclass included:

• Writing best practices
• Insights into which content would add the most value
• How to get more out of your content
• Useful approaches to workflow
• How to deliver the best brief ever
• A lot of useful tools and resources (including some of our own)

The Outcome

Make CIC’s staff are now more confident in delivering
content and writing on behalf of their brand. They have
a clearly defined set of guidelines to follow to ensure
consistent messaging is hit across all of their channels.

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