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Liverpool Health Partners

Bringing a new lease of life to the website content of an innovative health organisation.

Case Study Overview

Visual Identity & Tone of Voice

Website Content


  • Brand workshops
  • Visual brand identity
  • Brand tone of voice
  • Staff handover training

Their Impact

  • Improving health outcomes locally and nationally
  • Dynamic, collaborative working across the health system
  • Groundbreaking health research
  • Drastically improving the lives of local people

Meet The Client

Liverpool Health Partners (LHP) is a thriving network of 12 world-leading organisations who are working together to develop groundbreaking research. Their programmes have been strategically developed to address the diverse and complex needs found across Cheshire & Merseyside. By working with these needs at a local level, they are able to create an impact at a global scale.

The Challenge At Hand

Liverpool Health Partners is innovative, collaborative, and impactful – their new website needed to showcase this successfully. In order to highlight their hard work and passion for research, LHP needed a complete transformation of their website content. It was up to us to illustrate LHP’s brilliance through a navigable website, high-quality content and expertly-applied tone of voice. Out with the old, in with the bold.

Our Response

Sitemap and architecture 

Our first priority was to make the content on the site easy to find. Accessibility is crucial when it comes to any website, and with LHP, healthcare information and news should be available to all. The website was structured with the user in mind, using a clear layout and signposting through subheads, calls to action and new navigation points. Visitors can now easily sign up to the newsletter, access their social media channels and find the content they need.

Onsite content

We injected LHP’s passion for their work into their new, transformational website copy. 

Equal parts personality and practicality – the content we crafted is effective at drawing attention to the multiple moving parts of LHP.

Although LHP’s programmes are a core part of their work, the programme pages were lacking. Through a collaborative process with key members from the LHP team, we breathed life into their copy to help tell the impactful story of their work. The programme pages were written to emphasise each programme’s unique contributions to improving health across the region.

Applying tone of voice

Until working with us, LHP’s tone of voice was left undefined. We worked closely with their team to create something that resonated with target audiences, created stand out from other healthcare organisations and reflected their newly defined personality. In order to appeal to their audiences, We created LHP’s content to be expert, yet accessible by removing jargon and making sure our wording was straightforward.

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Every part of the website’s content was crafted with LHP’s tone of voice in mind, from the key pages to the calls to action. We were able to humanise their content and make the new website more engaging for all target audiences, whether you’re a clinician, researcher, LHP partner or part of the general public. 

The outcomes


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