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Options for Supported Living Brand Voice

Creating an inclusive brand voice to help generate income for an inspiring disability charity


  • Brand voice

Their Impact

  • Supporting, empowering and enabling people living with disabilities
  • Campaigning on behalf of people living with disabilities
  • Creating valuable volunteering opportunities

Meet The Client

Options for Supported Living support, empower and enable people with disabilities to live their lives to the full. Their skilled, talented and dedicated team challenges the social care system. They work collaboratively with families, carers, partners and their communities to offer genuine person-centered support.

The Challenge At Hand

As part of their new fundraising efforts, it was agreed that branding needed to be shifted into a new space. Previously, there hadn’t been clear guidance on “how to speak like Options”, so we worked collaboratively with their team to create a voice that met the needs of their team, community and wider stakeholders.

An interactive, focused workshop 

To help get the creative juices flowing, we facilitated a brand voice workshop with the Options team and their key stakeholders. We welcomed participants from their board, their team and the people they support. 

There were three key beats the workshop covered:

Creating accessibility-first guidelines 

With our workshop insights in hand, we now had the building blocks for some shiny new tone of voice guidelines. It was key that the guidelines were easy-to-understand, accessible to multiple audiences and reflected the new Options personality. 

Our brand voice guidelines take in 10 key areas:

Delivering handover training 

With their new guidelines in hand, we then needed to deliver handover training. Our brand voice handover training helps teams to understand how to use their voice, gives them space to try it out and gets the creative juices flowing for future executions. 

Our brand voice handover training included:

The outcomes

Options for Supported Living now have crystal-clear brand voice guidance that their whole team can follow. Thanks to our collaborative approach, we were able to help them define what their personality was and how to articulate it in the real world. Their team is empowered to use it across all of their communications and understand who to ask for help. With their new voice in place they can confidently create marketing materials and generate critical revenue. 

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