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The Wellbeing Doctors

Transforming the user experience of an innovative employee health platform


  • Discovery workshop
  • Usability testing
  • User interviews

Their Impact

  • Improving employee wellbeing
  • Health innovation
  • Increased staff retention
  • Increased productivity

Meet The Client

The Wellbeing Doctors is a team of healthcare professionals who specialise in lifestyle medicine to improve health and well-being. They partner with employers to enhance employee health outcomes, increase productivity and improve staff retention. Their lifestyle medicine-trained team works with employees to develop individualised action plans that set them on a path to being healthier. 

The Challenge At Hand

A key feature of The Wellbeing Doctors’ service is their interactive dashboard (similar to apps like Headspace) which they use to create individualised action plans for users. The platform also allows users to track their health progress and access other health resources. Despite the dashboard being fully functional, The Wellbeing Doctors partnered with us to understand what usability issues existed, what users wanted most from the service and where the user experience with the dashboard could be improved.

Goal Setting Workshop

In order to understand how the wider organisational goals of The Wellbeing Doctors could affect the dashboard as well as the ambitions of the team for the dashboard, we started with a goal-setting workshop. Following on from goal setting, we then delved into the steps involved in a user’s interaction with the dashboard. 

From this workshop we learnt that The Wellbeing Doctors wanted to;

Usability Testing and User Interviews

To learn more about existing usability issues, user’s opinions and what could be improved we conducted a series of Usability Tests and User Interviews.

We conducted the usability tests with participants who already had a relationship with The Wellbeing Doctors, asking them to complete a series of tasks representing the key features of the website, identified in the goal-setting workshop. During the tests, we took note of the participant’s behaviour and feedback. We aimed to find issues with the platform that might be creating a negative user experience, find any opportunities for improvement and discover more about what these users wanted from the platform.

In addition to Usability Testing, we conducted User Interviews with decision-makers from clients of The Wellbeing Doctors. We decided to conduct this type of research to gather information about the service in general which would hopefully provide evidence for new dashboard features.

Affinity Diagramming and Insights report

To create clarity from the mass of insights gathered from User Research, we used a method called Affinity Diagramming. Affinity Diagramming is the process of taking a large amount of data and sorting it into themes, common issues or ideas to create a clearer picture of the usability issues facing the dashboard. After sorting similar ideas, we were able to create recommendations to address each of these themes.

Once we had collected data from the participants, analysed it and grouped it into themes, we were then able to create an insights report that effectively communicated our findings to The Wellbeing Doctors. The report presented our research in a clear and concise manner, but also provided recommendations on how to address the usability issues we identified.

The results 

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