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Target audience workshops 

Learn what your audience needs  

Think and feel like your audience

Target audience workshops play a significant role in better understanding your audience by asking; what they’d be thinking or feeling, what their issues may be and what they’re looking for from your business or organisation.

Once we’re clear on who your target audience is, we can investigate more into what they want from you and how you can meet their needs. We can also help you to understand how your audience feels. Our target audience workshops will give you clarity on what you can offer your audiences as a company or organisation. 

Why are audience workshops important? 

  • Audience workshops help you to better understand your desired audiences
  • Build personas that reflect your ideal audience
  • Create messaging that targets your audience

What our audience workshops will give you 

  • Personas that represent your audiences so you can create messaging with impact and purpose
  • Alignment for your team that helps you define your goals
  • Empathy for your target audiences, which will give you a greater understanding of their needs
  • Clarity around your marketing strategy

Build a better audience experience

Create messages that connect with your audiences

Find your ideal audience

Three steps to finding your audience

Understand who they are

We can help you to discover who both your current, and potential, audiences are, and which messages will resonate most with them.

Define your brand offering

We’ll get to the bottom of what your unique brand offering is and ensure that you deliver the most value to your ideal audiences.

Gain empathy

With a new understanding of who your audience is, together, we can figure out how they feel. This will help us to know what messaging will connect with them and ensure that we have the biggest impact.

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