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Design Sprints

Align your team, better understand your customers and empower people to make rapid decisions on big challenges. Talk to our team of UX experts about design sprints – just click below. Or, read on to find out more.

Overcome big challenges quickly with design sprints

When you’ve got a big, thorny challenge to look at, it can be hard to know where to begin. Design sprints enable you to get under the skin of your challenge, get your team focused and working collaboratively and feeling empowered to make decisions. Perhaps you want to understand how to improve the usability of your app or website, or you want to imagine new ways to deliver a vital service that improves the lives of other people. Design sprints enable you to come at those challenges from all angles and come up with imaginative, practical solutions.

Design sprints also create space for different teams to come together and look at challenges they might have otherwise been excluded from. Sprints encourage conversations in problem-solving, creative environments where everyone has the chance to present ideas. It also gives space to think about your product or service from the perspective of your customer or users. By starting with empathy and designing from there, the solutions suggested are more relevant and useful to the intended audiences. Partner with our B Corp accredited agency to take on that big issue for your charity, health organisation or purpose-driven business. Let’s problem solve together.

What are the benefits of problem solving via design sprints?

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By approaching your challenge from the perspective of your intended users, you’ll build something the find useful, enjoyable and relevant. Design sprints give you deeper empathy and understanding of your customers.

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You might have a hunch that your idea could work in the real world. Before risking resources, test that assumption with a design sprint. It’s a low pressure environment that will validate (or invalidate) your assumption.

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Team building

If your teams don’t regularly get the chance to work together, or they often feel excluded from early conversations, design sprints give you space to bring these people together and put their ideas into the melting pot.

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