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Just Good Work

Gaining insights into user behaviour to help disrupt the supply chain


  • UX Workshops
  • Content ideation
  • Design
  • Prototyping

Their Impact

  • Disrupting the exploitative supply chain
  • Stopping cycles of abuse at scale
  • Sharing life-saving information

Meet The Client

Just Good Work is an app developed by Fifty Eight, a company that aims to tackle modern slavery and improve working conditions across global supply chains. The Just Good Work app acts as a tool to promote legitimate work to those who may be vulnerable to being coerced into exploitative employment. The app provides migrant job-seekers and workers with clear advice, informs them on their rights and responsibilities and empowers them to make safer decisions.

The Challenge At Hand

A factory in Malaysia had heard about the Just Good Work app and wanted to create an in-house white label version for their workers. It was our job to create a prototype for them to demo with workers and to reskin the app with a fresh design. Then, we had to figure out which content would add the most value to users and what steps they would take to find the information. We worked closely with their team to create a solution in a tight time frame.

Our Response

Discovery workshops

To help understand the challenge and the scope of work, we held a series of discovery workshops. These workshops enabled us to get to the heart of the problem and unearth some interesting insights from the Fifty Eight team. To achieve this we carried out a Pains & Gains workshop. These workshops are designed to answer key questions both users of the app and Fifty Eight might be challenged with, namely:

  • What is driving our organisation forward?
  • What is holding us back?
  • Out of these discoveries, which are the most important?
  • Are there any quick wins or major projects?
  • Who is using our app and how can we have a bigger, positive impact on their lives?

From this process we were then able to create a clear overview of the journey customers take on the app.

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Maps help you to understand every experience a person has with your brand. In this instance, it was specific to users of the Just Good Work app. We wanted to take an empathetic view of how they were discovering content and making decisions whilst using the app. By going through this process we can hope to create better dwell time on the app, present helpful information more quickly and gain a deeper understanding into user behaviour. Customer Journey Maps help guide decisions during the design and prototyping phase, helping to always keep work people-centered. 

Micro-design sprint 

With user insights at our fingertips, and a deep understanding of their goals, we were able to refresh the look of the app. Engaging design and thoughtful content go hand in hand when it comes to user experience, so we were keen to elevate the original Just Good Work app into a new, exciting space. To ensure we hit the tight deadline the project required, we carried out a micro sprint. By working in a time-boxed way we were able to create a low-fidelity version of the app so that users could get their hands on it and feedback quickly. Then, we were able to create high-fidelity prototypes to present to the factory owners in Malaysia.


Finally, we created prototypes for Fifty Eight’s development team to build from. Created iteratively, these prototypes enabled us to share our insights during the discovery and alpha phases with Fifty Eight’s team so they could build something people would actually use. 

To create the prototypes we worked closely with Fifty Eight’s team –

  • Low-fidelity Marvel designs – these enabled us to express our ideas quickly in a way that was easy to grasp for Fifty Eight and for their team to start building a new version of the app
  • Feedback loop – By working iteratively we were able to make changes when project needs changed and keep the momentum going
  • High fidelity designs in Adobe XD – We partnered with a designer to create a fresh look and feel. These designs were then used by the development team to create a working version of the app.

The Outcome

Fifty Eight now have a new iteration of their Just Good Work app to share with the factory in Malaysia. By going through the process with our team they were able to better understand their audiences’ needs and create a fresh take on their app that better serves their audience.

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