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Borough Care

Social media strategy and management to improve the brand positioning of an inspiring care home provider

Case Study Overview

Strategic partnership work

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Social media strategy and management

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  • Social media strategy
  • Social media channel management
  • Content creation
  • Graphic design

Their Impact

  • Supporting families with loved ones with dementia
  • Providing person-centric dementia care
  • Empowering older people to live full lives

Meet The Client

Borough Care is a not-for-profit care home provider based in Stockport and Staffordshire. For over 30 years, Borough Care has specialised in delivering person-centric dementia care and supporting older people to live full lives. To achieve this, Borough Care partners with Stonewall and V for Life to create an environment that empowers residents to be themselves. They are also a Living Wage Employer and part of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter.

The Challenge At Hand

We were challenged to transform Borough Care’s social media channels across three key areas. The first was to consider the types of content the organisation was posting and how much those topics resonated with their audience. Website traffic was another area we needed to investigate, exploring how we could drive more traffic to the Borough Care website via social media. The final consideration was how we could work to convey Borough Care’s ‘Life in Colour’ message across social media whilst showcasing their brand values and commitment towards doing things differently. 

Our response

To deliver on Borough Care’s three core social media goals, we focused on four areas of social media and content creation; strategy, channel management, content creation and graphic design. 

Social media strategy

We began the partnership by creating an in-depth social media strategy that laid out the best approach to the work. We collaborated with Borough Care to build the strategy and began by carrying out a strategy session with their CEO and Marketing Manager. This session helped us understand Borough Care’s social media goals and ensure we built a strategy that reflected their values and opinions. Our goal was to create something that encompassed what they wanted Borough Care to be and was easy to refer back to when creating new content for their audience. 

After researching competitors, content types, audiences and more, we put together four SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) that acted as the basis of Borough Care’s social media strategy. From here, we made an action plan of how we could work together to achieve our goals and set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track how close we were to hitting them. 

We prioritised brand messaging and considered how we could transform how Borough Care shared content across their channels. This included sharing more social media content around advice and support for people living with dementia, targeted career content, and more information about how to move a loved one into care. To do this, we set up dedicated “Borough Care Jobs” accounts on Twitter and Instagram. These acted as sources for job news, career opportunities and employee interviews, rather than combining the content with their existing social channels. 

Content creation

In addition to consistent messaging around dementia, careers, and advice on moving into care, we explored other available opportunities for content creation. We recognised there were opportunities to tell the story of Borough Care – and its 30 years of quality dementia care. As Borough Care is a care organisation that does things differently, we wanted to showcase this on their social media channels through both written and visual content. 

Top 20 care home mini-campaign

A significant part of our content work involved sharing more information about Borough Care’s fantastic person-centred care plans, which earned them an award as a Top 20 Mid-Size Care Home from This campaign was a brilliant opportunity to highlight Borough Care as a leading care home provider through engaging visual and written content.

For this, we created specific social media banner images that highlighted the new award alongside a series of social media posts to raise awareness of the recognition. 

Life in Colour content

Borough Care’s ‘Life in Colour’ messaging was another highly-important part of our content plan. For Borough Care, ‘Life in Colour’ means supporting their residents to feel empowered to be themselves and live comfortable, full lives. To ensure residents lead fulfilling lives, Borough Care partners with fantastic organisations such as Stonewall and V for Life. Our content messaging, therefore, captured their inspiring partnerships and evidenced how Borough Care encourages ‘Life in Colour’ every day – from hosting exciting activities at their homes to getting involved in Pride Month in the local areas of Stockport and Staffordshire.  

Recruitment campaigns

To achieve our recruitment goals, we created informative career-focused social media content across the Borough Care and Borough Care Jobs accounts. For this content, we shared interviews with team members about their experience working in care. We wanted this content to feel people-centric whilst offering valuable information about working in care to potential new team members. We focused on using social media to drive traffic to the “Careers Hub” page, as well as specific job role pages and interviews with staff. 

To bring the content to life, we created GIFs and short-form videos highlighting the available job roles across Borough Care. 

Channel management

Whilst content creation and strategy played significant parts in the transformation of Borough Care’s social media, another aspect of the work involved channel management. Channel management covers the day-to-day monitoring of social media channels, including scheduling social media content, engaging with your audience, and reporting on KPIs. See how we managed Borough Care’s social media channels in line with our strategic goals. 

Community engagement

We carried out daily engagement across all six of Borough Care’s social media channels, monitoring them for career and home enquiries, care home news and any other updates. By doing this, we could see in real-time how Borough Care’s audience, and potential audiences, were engaging with the content we were sharing. 


Through our social media monitoring tool, we could track our content’s performance alongside the KPIs we set in our social media strategy. We set up weekly and monthly performance reports to analyse Borough Care’s social channels. The reports went into detail about top-performing topics, images and channels, providing valuable insights that we could report back to Borough Care during weekly client check-in meetings. 

In addition to our weekly and monthly reports, we also set up quarterly and annual reports to track our performance against previous years. Through this, we could identify where our resources could be best used and where we could improve to reach our goals. 


By building a brand new social media strategy for Boorugh Care and consistently delivering content that met the needs of their audience, we were able to deliver on our core goals. Below are the key insights and outcomes we achieved from June 2022 – June 2023.

Improved reporting 

Our social media management and reporting system enabled us to track how content performed on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. As a result of this work, we improved communications between internal teams and gained better insights on top-performing content 

Top-performing content and campaigns 

Through targeted social media campaigns, we drove increased traffic to the Borough Care website, helping to deliver key conversions based on our goals. The top results from these campaigns were:

Engagement and impressions 

By developing a social media strategy that reflected the needs of Borough Care’s audience, we created tailored content that resonated with their users. The results from this work were: 

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