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Borough Care

Strategic planning to support an innovative care provider to help older people live full lives

Case Study Overview

Strategic partnership work

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Social media strategy and management

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User experience and customer journey mapping


  • Marketing strategy
  • Recruitment support
  • Brand positioning

Their Impact

  • Supporting families with loved ones with dementia
  • Providing person-centric dementia care
  • Empowering older people to live full lives

Meet The Client

Borough Care is a not-for-profit care home provider specialising in quality dementia care across Stockport and Staffordshire. With over 30 years of experience, Borough Care encourages older people to live their best lives despite health or capability challenges. Borough Care prioritises person-centric care by offering individualised care plans to each resident, helping them live full lives. To achieve this, Borough Care partners with Stonewall and V for Life to create an environment that empowers residents to be themselves. They are also a Living Wage Employer and part of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter.

The Challenge At Hand

We partnered with Borough Care to address three core areas of their organisation. The first was to improve their sales conversion processes and increase lead generation to grow revenue. The next significant challenge was staffing and the need for support to attract and retain high-quality staff. We were also tasked with increasing audience brand engagement and developing brand reputation across Stockport and Staffordshire.

Our response

To ensure that we effectively delivered on all three of our core goals, we worked in close collaboration with Borough Care to develop in-depth strategies for two years of work. 

Growing revenue

The first step in growing revenue was understanding more about Borough Care’s digital sales process. To do this, we carried out customer journey mapping work, allowing us to identify areas for improvement and opportunities to optimise the customer experience. Through this work, we discovered enhancement opportunities for contact forms, website design and layout, and website content. By implementing changes in these areas, we aimed to enhance clarity around Borough Care’s services and effectively connect with their ideal audiences.

Paid advertisement campaigns

A significant priority was advertising Borough Care’s brand new care homes in Staffordshire and attracting potential new residents. As part of this work, we put together targeted paid advertising campaigns to encourage home enquiries and attract new staff. The results showed that these performed successfully thanks to iterative improvements, driving sales and recruitment conversions.

New contact and sign-up forms

Small but impactful changes to website contact forms were another opportunity we identified through our initial website analysis. We found that, due to a lack of clarity in the information on their contact forms, Borough Care were missing out on opportunities to connect with new customers. Based on our findings, we added drop-down menus which asked the user what their reason for enquiry was, e.g. for support choosing a home or booking a tour.

To encourage engagement with the Borough Care homes we created a new newsletter sign-up form focused on engaging with friends, families and customers. 

Website content improvements

Our improvements also focused on Borough Care’s new Staffordshire care homes, Hen Cloud House and Shoemaker Place, and explored how we could make them more visible on the website. One of our solutions was to add new drop-down menus on the main menu bar to categorise Borough Care’s homes into Stockport and Staffordshire. This helped remove any potential confusion and separate their homes.

Attract and retain high-quality staff

To attract new staff, we first looked into what Borough Care was already doing for recruitment. By understanding more about the processes in place for recruiting, training and rewarding their staff, we could identify the gaps in their system and work to develop new strategies. 

Hiring a new Marketing Manager

A significant change we facilitated at Borough Care was the recruitment of a Marketing Manager. We recognised the value of the role within the organisation and advocated for it as an effective and essential addition. By hiring a Marketing Manager, we improved communication between staff, head office and the marketing team and gained insights into what their staff wanted. From here, we could use this information in marketing activity to attract new employees and maintain current staff. 

Careers hub

Despite the many available jobs across the Borough Care website, we identified that there wasn’t a dedicated space for jobs on their website. We carried out significant work to develop a new “careers hub” section which acted as a source for job advertisements, career news and inspiring articles about their team. There was a lack of content about what working at Borough Care was like from the perspective of their team members. With this in mind, we interviewed staff from across their organisation to put together a new “day in the life” series for the careers hub.

Role shadowing day

To understand what Borough Care’s staff wanted from their employment, we organised a role shadowing day at one of their Stockport homes. This involved spending the day alongside Borough Care team members and gaining insights into their day-to-day life at the company. As a result, we used our insights to inform our marketing activity over the two years and share them with Borough Care’s leadership teams. 

New brand photography

Borough Care’s brand photography felt outdated and not representative of their vibrant and values-driven approach. Photography plays a significant role in building a recognisable and trusted brand, so we recognised the need for updated imagery that reflected their ‘Life in Colour’ message. We coordinated photoshoots at three of their homes and put together a new portfolio of images that showed what life at Borough Care looked like for staff and residents.

Build reputation and engagement

Brand reputation covers everything to do with how your brand is perceived by customers, employees, and any other stakeholders. It builds trust and encourages customers to engage with and have loyalty towards your organisation. Our brand reputation work with Borough Care involved developing their social media and website content to drive engagement. 

Resources and advice content

As a dementia-specialist care home provider, there was an opportunity for Borough Care to showcase its expertise in dementia care through valuable written content. We built a new “resources and advice” section on their website, focusing on SEO-rich content and targeting long-tail search terms about dementia and care. We recognised that when moving someone into care there was a lot of information to be aware of. As experts in their sector, Borough Care could provide valuable information to those who needed it. Through this content, we were able to offer helpful content to Borough Care’s existing audience and improve brand visibility in search. 

Social media and website

Making the most of Borough Care’s existing assets was another key priority in our brand reputation work. We built a new social media and marketing strategy that considered Borough Care’s social media audiences and the types of content that would best perform on each platform. By doing this, we were able to tailor our content messaging to meet the needs of the different audiences and drive more traffic to the website via social media. 


2021 – 2022


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