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  • Content strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Social media

Their Impact

  • Bringing ideas to life
  • Tackling loneliness in local communities
  • Using new technologies to solve big problems in society

Meet The Client

DefProc brings ideas to life; you think it, they make it. Their inventive team can solve business problems by using a range of innovative solutions from prototyping and software to structural engineering and 3D printing. DefProc creates tech for good, using LoRaWAN (Long-range wide area network) and IoT (Internet of Things) technologies to enforce positive change across the region. This can be seen in their work with their Push To Talk project and setting up The Things Network Liverpool.

The Challenge At Hand

With the launch of a new brand and website, DefProc needed content that accurately reflected the work they do and why they do it. It was up to us to help DefProc communicate their story, services and values across their website copy and social media channels. With DefProc being a local-leader when it comes to new technologies and a pioneer of tech for good services, we had a lot to shout about when it came to conveying their value. It was up to us to reposition them after 10 successful years in business.

Our Response

Content strategy

We needed to create content that captured the attention of DefProc’s ideal audiences. This allowed us to delve into DefProc’s industry, audience and competitors and gave us an understanding of what content would help them to reach their goals. 

What goes into a content strategy?

Website content

With our strategy in place, it was time to work our word magic. All of the website copy was created with DefProc’s new brand and tone of voice in mind. It was important that we chose words that aligned with the visuals of DefProc’s new identity and website design. We crafted fun, bold and informative copy that showcased DefProc’s services, reflected the brand’s personality and made industry jargon easy to digest.

Social media 

The content we create for DefProc’s social media channels is targeted and consistent with tone of voice and messaging. We create and schedule their social media posts weekly, putting out content that attracts new clients and promotes their current projects.

Communication is at the heart of everything we do – so we communicate and interact with their audience every day to keep them engaged. We take an iterative approach to working on their social media channels, refining our approach based on insights from the previous week. 


Push To Talk, a device that allows elderly and vulnerable people to connect with others, has been one of  DefProc’s priorities to promote during the COVID-19 pandemic. At a time where isolation and loneliness are more prevalent than ever in society, it has been up to us to get the project in front of key audiences.

We wrote several articles about Push To Talk – one explaining how it works and the technology involved, one positioning Push To Talk as a solution to loneliness during COVID-19 and a project update post. By focusing on these three posts, we were able to explain the benefits of the technology, encourage people to get involved in the project and keep people up to date on what’s going on behind the scenes.

We also helped to organise and promote webinars, and consistently posted about the project across their social media channels. Our work promoting Push To Talk has helped DefProc to move the project forward, attracting key partners in the process.

The outcomes

From February – July 2020, we have achieved the following results for DefProc’s Twitter:

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