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The Women's Organisation

Transforming the online presence of an incredible social enterprise


  • UX
  • Web Development
  • SEO Strategy

Their Impact

  • Improving women's equality at a national level
  • Helping diverse groups of women to realise their full potential
  • Building a network of thriving female-founded businesses
  • Immeasurable socio-economic impact on the city region

Meet The Client

The Women’s Organisation is on a mission: to support, enable and inspire women to reach their potential in life and business. This Liverpool-based social enterprise delivers business mentoring, personal development, and a range of courses and training services centred on improving women’s skills and confidence. Since 1996, The Women’s Organisation has grown into an empowerment empire: the scheme has supported over 60,000 women, and helped launch more than 4,000 new, woman-led businesses.

The Challenge At Hand

The Women’s Organisation had outgrown their old website, which no longer offered an accurate reflection of their brand personality and failed to capture the scale of their phenomenal work. The site’s usability was also poor, making it difficult for visitors to find the content they needed or to discover the scope of the services that were on offer to them. A complete redesign was needed. The new site needed to: Be easy to navigate Accurately reflect The Women’s Organisation’s mission and values Showcase their passion for helping women Supporting tens of thousands of women is something to shout about. And how better to do that than with an easy-to-find, easy-to-navigate website with incredible content?

Our Response

Website Design & Build

We completely redesigned The Women’s Organisation’s website. Our aim was to create an online resource that would showcase their vision and inspire the women who visit it, in the same way that the team inspires the women they meet.

Collaboration is always an important part of our projects. We created a project roadmap and then worked on the website in phases, seeking feedback from The Women’s Organisation’s team and handling challenges together.

The project scope included:

  • Wireframe development
  • User interface (UI) design
  • Theme build
  • Custom feature development

User Experience

Improving the website’s user experience was essential. The previous site had poor navigation, which meant users would get lost, reach dead-end pages, and fail to find the content they needed — none of which reflected how The Women’s Organisation wanted users to feel.

We redesigned the website with the user in mind. It’s now simple, easy to navigate, search engine optimised and mobile responsive. 

And thanks to our training, the staff at The Women’s Organisation can edit and update it whenever they need to.

Search Engine Optimisation

One of our top priorities was to make the new site easy to find. The previous site’s search profile was lacking, leaving The Women’s Organisation undiscovered to many of the women it could help.

We created an in-depth SEO strategy, aimed at improving the site’s search engine rankings for relevant terms, and proposed rewriting the website’s content to further strengthen its reach.

Content Architecture

We designed the website’s content structure to be as clear as possible, and to act as an effective framework not just for the copy we wrote, but for future content written by The Women’s Organisation’s team.

Content now centres on clear calls-to-action that aim to start conversations and encourage more women to sign up for courses and events.

The visual assets on the old website were out of date. And while we didn’t supply the site’s photography, we gave The Women’s Organisation the push they needed to invest in eye-catching new visuals.

The Outcomes

  • An informative, engaging and easily navigable website that represents and celebrates The Women’s Organisation and its services
  • A clear content structure and hierarchy, funnelling visitors towards relevant content and mutually beneficial calls to action
  • A more effective SEO strategy designed to extend The Women’s Organisation’s online reach over time, highlighting the service to more women who need it
  • The team are empowered to create and manage their own website content, and can respond more quickly to business changes and current events
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