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Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority

Creating a content suite for an innovative sustainability authority


  • Content creation
  • Graphic design
  • Proofreading

Their Impact

  • Reducing waste across Merseyside
  • Waste innovation
  • Creating a greener city region
  • Reducing carbon emissions

Meet The Client

Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority is a strategic waste and resource management authority, working to reduce waste across five District Councils in the Liverpool City Region. Supporting over 1.5 million people within the region through their innovative approach to sustainability, MRWA are champions for creating a city region that is more environmentally-safe.

The Challenge At Hand

MRWA needed to produce a content series that conveyed key information about the sustainability work that they do within the region. Through this content, MRWA needed to connect with their audience to convince people to change their habits and to educate them on upcoming waste initiatives. MRWA felt that they needed to establish clarity around their brand, in order to create four distinct pieces of content that built awareness.

Our Response

Graphic Design 

As part of their Zero Waste Strategy document, we provided design services to help share MRWA’s vision of a zero waste circular region. Our designer worked closely with MWRA through an initial illustration concepting phase to establish clarity and consistency for their branding and overall vision. Through the creation of engaging graphics, we helped the authority to demonstrate their inventive initiatives, community-driven values and their incredible impact across the Liverpool City Region.  The result was a transformation of MRWA’s visual storytelling that empowered people to share MRWA’s mission. 

Content Reviewing

Our team of experienced content writers worked with MRWA to review their 2022 Climate Action Plan, Zero Waste Framework and Sustainable Development Goals documents. To ensure that MRWA were carefully and consistently communicating their brand, our team reviewed the documents to check that their tone of voice hit the mark. During the review process, our content team also identified and highlighted areas of the documents that required intervention from our design team. This resulted in accessible content that conveys important information to all of its intended communities.

Iteration and Refinement

Designs and content were improved through iterative feedback. Maintaining a strong focus around MRWA’s responsible brand, the process allowed us to cooperatively create four documents with a distinct visual style that successfully communicated key information to diverse audiences.  


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