Brand Guidelines - Matchstick Creative, B Corp - Matchstick Creative

Brand Guidelines

Our Vision

To create a more equal world through
well-told stories and shared experiences.

Our Mission

We help organisations who want to create a
positive impact communicate clearly. When
we understand each other better, great things

Our Values

Be Yourself

Collaboration over competition

Always be learning

Improvement not perfection

Care about quality

Our Personality


What we mean

Plain English,

What we don’t mean

Overly simplified, non-expert, basic


What we mean

Accessible to everyone,
empathetic, friendly

What we don’t mean

Non-committal or overly considered


What we mean

Lifting others up, adding rather than
retracting, positive

What we don’t mean

Arrogant or pompous


What we mean

Shared references, witty,
gentle humour

What we don’t mean

Droll, excluding, obscure

Our approach can be distilled into these two thoughts:

Informal, but informative. Clear over clever.