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Cheshire & Merseyside Health Care Partnership

Building an ethical framework with a transformative health organisation


  • Community consultation
  • Virtual event management
  • Insights report creation

Their Impact

  • Improving health across Cheshire & Merseyside
  • Creating more connected conversations
  • Challenging previous ways of working

Meet The Client

Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Care Partnership is a collection of NHS, local authority, voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise organisations from across the nine local authority areas that make up Cheshire and Merseyside. They come together to work collaboratively, developing strategies that improve public health, reduce health inequalities and ensure the health and care system across Cheshire and Merseyside is sustainable.

The Challenge At Hand

Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Care Partnership’s (CMHCP) previous approach to creating ethical frameworks for health and social care hadn’t produced the results they wanted. A fresh, innovative approach was needed for them to achieve their goals.

Inspired by our shared values of collaboration and putting people first, we recognised that this new approach had to have personalised care at its centre. We hosted a private event with 15 exclusive guests to help CMHCP come up with their first-of-its-kind ethical framework.

What is Firestarters?

Firestarters is a community of values-driven organisations striving to be a force for good in the Liverpool City Region (LCR). Through live events driven by action, insight, and social impact, Firestarters provides private, public, and third sector organisations with the support and resources they need to be the change they want to see.

The Event

By reaching out to our Firestarters community, we were able to bring together 15 of the region’s brightest, socially-driven organisations and individuals, whose expertise would help make CMHCP’s ethical framework as comprehensive and inclusive as possible.

We asked these guests, including Wirral and Liverpool City Councils, the NHS, and Integrated Health and Social Care, to consider the question: “How do we create a relevant, sustainable ethical framework for health and social care across Cheshire and Merseyside to enable greater personalised care?”

This helped to focus discussions about how CMHCP‘s framework would:

Keynote speaker

To help attendees better understand CMHCP’s ideas for their new framework, we decided to open the event with a keynote speech. Our keynote speaker was Dave Sweeney, Executive Director of Partnerships at CMHCP, who began by explaining why the previous frameworks didn’t produce the results they had wanted.

Dave outlined some of the challenges the new framework hoped to address and clarified what CMHCP meant by ‘ethical framework’ and ‘personalised care’. This ensured that discussions after the keynote speech were as relevant, applicable, and helpful to CMHCP as possible.

Breakout rooms

We curated our breakout rooms to make sure discussions between guests were varied and balanced, with everyone given the time and the space to offer their opinions. Not only did this mean all attendees were listened to, it also made sure that the feedback CMHCP received was wide-ranging and reflective of the various backgrounds and experiences of our region.

Members of our team facilitated and recorded each breakout room’s conversations, using three questions to help get the most out of discussions:

One of the key points raised in all three breakout rooms was the need for health and social care providers to trust patients more if they are to provide truly personalised care – something we were able to feed back to CMHCP in our post-event Insights Report.

The Outcomes

We provided CMHCP with:

These concerns and solutions included:

As a result of the event, Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Care Partnership was able to:

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