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Highly personalised  content designed for lead generation with targeted audiences


  • Brand tone of voice
  • Staff upskilling


  • Profit for purpose

“Matchstick Creative created a suite of content that helped us to secure conversations with enterprise clients in the US. They worked quickly to produce something professional and personal, that our Sales Development Reps could use to increase conversions within specific verticals. Their content is now an integral part of our sales content strategy.”

Emma Roberts, Syrenis Marketing Manager

Our Response


  • White paper copywriting 
  • Content creation

Their impact

  • Creating and enhancing  digital experiences
  • Helping organisations manage consent in an efficient, engaging way

Meet the client

Syrenis is a global leader in consent management and stakeholder engagement solutions. As legislation has caught up with technology, Syrenis has continued to refine and develop innovative products.

Marketing documents stuck to a white wall

The challenge at hand

To create a suite of content that helped to explain their complex service offering in an accessible way. The content needed to engage prospects and generate leads, through the use of  target niche search terms.

Our response

To help generate leads for defined audiences we created a suite of highly personalised  content. We produced a framework that could be applied to each niche audience to make turn around quicker. The end result was an attention-grabbing white paper, a search-friendly landing page and a brochure that could be used for in-person sales. The whitepaper grabbed the attention of an ideal client, helping to initiate a conversation of high monetary value.

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