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  • Brand ID
  • Content creation
  • Website design and build

Their Impact

  • Expert business and marketing services for companies across Europe
  • Autism-friendly services
  • Developing businesses that have a positive impact
  • An essential part of the business they work with

Meet The Client

Underwing is a blend of business coaching and marketing consultancy, founded and run by the hyper-organised force of nature, Francesca Manca. Underwing offers a range of services centred around business planning, marketing strategy and events. With two decades of experience under her belt and a little black book brimming with useful contacts, Francesa is able to equip any businesses with the wings it needs to fly.

The Challenge At Hand

Francesca felt that her company’s previous branding wasn’t an accurate representation of the impact her services can have on businesses. We needed to create a fresh brand and website that embodied her confidence, professionalism and efficiency. Francesca specialises in working with female founders and special needs entrepreneurs, so both the brand and website needed to be engaging and approachable for these audiences.

Our Response

Brand Identity

The previous name ‘FM2 Marketing’ didn’t align with the company’s personality, so we started by creating a new one. Enter Underwing, the name for the hidden surface of a wing when it’s folded. Underwing represents how Francesca takes her clients under her wing and encourages them along a flight path – nurturing and encouraging them every step of the way. Although hidden, Underwing is an integral part of the businesses they work with. 

Next, we crafted a complete brand identity, looking at brands Francesca liked as inspiration. We were able to create a brand ID that was lively, approachable and engaging whilst remaining professional. The logo, colours and other brand elements used work in harmony with Underwing’s tone of voice to deliver a welcoming presence. 

Content mapping & creation

With Underwing’s diverse client base, we needed to map out and create content that appealed to a vast audience. As Underwing works with female founders and special-needs entrepreneurs, it was important that copy was crafted with these audiences in mind and didn’t alienate them in any way. We wrote clear, compelling content that explained their services and their importance, complete with case studies that highlight Francesca’s years of expertise.

Website design & build

With Underwing’s brand identity and content ready to take flight, it was time to create a website. We built Underwing’s website using our unique WordPress design system, with the site’s functionality and user experience as top priorities. This allows Francesca to edit and update the website whenever she needs to. Underwing’s new branding is reinforced throughout the site to give a recognisable and consistent experience for its users. 

The outcomes

  • A brand that truly reflects Francesca’s values and service offering, 
  • A website that acts as an effective business tool rather than a digital brochure 
  • Expertly-crafted content that is optimised for search
  • A website that the client can edit and control herself to suit her business needs
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